I make unique, custom, one of a kind wooden fly fishing landing nets for trout, steelhead, bass, and fly fishing enthusiasts, in exotic and domestic hardwoods to your design or mine. Most of the fish nets feature hand dyed nylon mesh for catch and release use, and can be sized as required. Fishing net frames vary in size from compact and folding fish net models suitable for back country fly fishing, or small and intermediate stream catches, up to larger size fishing nets designed for lake trout and other larger freshwater fish species such as, bass and pike, and landing nets for saltwater fish species like salmon and steelhead. Landing net styles can range from the more practical fish nets to the more decorative style of flyfishing nets, suitable as a fishing décor theme item, or as a unique gift for any fly fisherman and fly fisherwoman.

Prices start at $100.00 for the more functional type of fly fishing catch and release nets, and can easily exceed $300.00 for the more decorative fly fishing art styles, depending upon woods used, and detailing such as inlay, carving, personalizing with monogramming or engraving, types of lanyard and lacing materials, netting style, and type of finish etc…

Custom fabric or leather travel cases and storage cases for the landing nets are available,

with embroidery, monogramming,

 Whether you need a custom landing net for catch and release fly fishing use, or as a unique gift for the fisherman or fisherwoman who has everything, a presentation award, interested in fly fishing décor for the home or office , or as a unique item that represents the beauty and art of angling and fly fishing, then please contact me for more information.

Custom Fly Fishing Landing Net "Salamander"
In Snakewood, Ebony, Osage Orange, Lacewood, Tiger Maple
Hand dyed nylon mesh catch and release netting,
leather lacing and plaited lanyard
10 coats marine varnish
24”l x 10”w
Custom Fly Fishing Landing Net "Joe's Net"
In Ebony, Bird’s Eye Maple, Osage Orange, , Bubinga, Polar, Pernam Buco, Lacewood, Black Walnut, Walnut, Manzanita Burl, Mahogany, 
Hand dyed nylon mesh catch and release netting
Black Leather Lacing and Lanyard
20”L x 10”W
10 coats marine varnish
Custom fly fishing landing net "Multiwood"
in multiple domestic and exotic hardwoods
Including Teak, Jatoba, Black Walnut, Mahogany, Ash, Walnut
9 lamination frame
Hand dyed nylon mesh catch and release net
Leather lacing and plaited lanyard
8 coats marine varnish
20”L x 11”W
Custom fly fishing landing net "Volcano Creek Golden"
in olive green Poplar, Paduak, Osage Orange, Pernam Buco, Ebony, Basswood
3 lamination frame with double tapered inner ply
Hand dyed nylon mesh catch and release net
3/32” braided nylon lacing and plaited lanyard
9 coats marine varnish
22”l x 10”W

Joseph Lenchner


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Custom Fly Fishing Landing Nets

Fine furniture and unique gifts for fishermen and all fly fishing enthusiasts

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Custom fly fishing landing net "Interlace"
In Paduak, Pernam Buco (Brazilwood), Osage Orange, 
Avodire (Satinwood) and green Poplar
4 ply laminated frame
Hand dyed nylon mesh, catch and release netting
3/32’ braided nylon lacing and plaited lanyard
6 coats water clear lacquer
24”L x 10”W
Custom fly fishing landing net "Leather"
in solid Lacewood with Black Walnut accent and featuring a handle wrapped with leather coachwhipping, and a leather lanyard .
Traditional knotted cotton netting
6 coats marine varnish
22”L x 12”W
Custom display case for dry flies and wet flies
in Caifornia Black Walnut and Monteray Pine
36 - 2" x 2 x 2" compartments
super blonde shellac finish
Brass hardware
16"W x 16"D x 10"H
Custom storage and display case for dry flies, wet flies and streamers
in Bird's Eye Maple and Monteray Pine
30 - 2" x 2 x 2" compartments
10 - 3" x 2" x 2" compartments
super blonde shellac finish
1/4" acrylic lid
brass hardware
26W x 14D x 10"H
"Hatchlings" construction pictures
Picture of custom Salmon and Steelhead longhandled fly fishing landing nets
Custom wood fly display  and storage case for retail or personal use.
3 drawers with 54 ea. 2” x 2” compartments, 2” deep
Removable Alder dividers with beveled upper edges on horizontal sections to accommodate signage
Constructed in Maple hardwood ,and 3/4” Maple , and 1/2” Baltic Birch  Plywood
1/4” clear acrylic top, 
1” over travel full extension slides for complete access to all bins
Blonde Shellac finish, 26”W x 14” H x 18”D, 52 lbs.
Four drawer unit also available , along with custom sizes and bin counts.

400 Vaca del Sol., Corralitos, Ca. 95076

ph. (831) 761-9004, JL@joelwoodworks.com